Myanmar Relief

Help provide immediate relief to GoTEN missionaries and the people they serve in Myanmar.

They have been chased from their home. They have been attacked, arrested, and even killed because of their ethnicity and faith. The Chin people are a minority people in Myanmar. They are largely Christian because of the work of western missionaries in the 19th and 20th centuries. Many of these missionaries knew the meaning of suffering for sure. Their endurance to suffer in the midst of persecution became examples of how the Chin people would live. Being a follower of Jesus sometimes comes with a price.

This week we received photos and messages from our missionaries in Myanmar who are being chased out of their homes with only what they can carry on their backs. Eight different areas where we have worked in Myanmar are facing extreme persecution today. Join us in praying for persecuted Christians in Myanmar. Pray that they will be strong in their faith, ready to love and forgive. Pray that the persecutors will humble themselves before God and know the saving power of Jesus.

You can help provide clothes, temporary shelters, and medicine to our friends in Myanmar that are currently on the run. Our team in the capital is ready to help us provide relief. Your donation will help provide temporary shelters, medicine, clothes, and food. 100% of the funds given to this project will provide relief in Myanmar and empower Christian missionaries to continue to share the Gospel among unreached people.

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