The Nations Are Coming To Us

The story of GoTEN began with a vision to see a disciple making movement among an unreached people group in south Asia. The vision has grown to include all unreached people groups; hence, our name, Go To Every Nation.

While we were diligently preparing people to “GO” to the nations, God was bringing the nations to us. What we discovered was that the people He brought to our homeland were naturally equipped to take the Gospel back to their own people. Over the last 5 years, GoTEN has shifted its strategic focus to sharing the Good News with diaspora people immigrating to the United States and empowering these new Believers to return to their homeland to catalyze a disciple making movement in lands that are restricted and difficult to reach.

Meet Our Team

Bobby Cox
Bobby CoxExecutive Director
Lorynn Cope
Lorynn CopeCommunications
Regan Fitzpatrick
Regan FitzpatrickMobilization
Will Krueger
Will KruegerRegional Director - Arizona

What We Believe

GoTEN is distinctly evangelical in intent and fellowship, interdenominational in character, worldwide in scope and represents no particular group or denomination, but rather, all believers who are committed to the Gospel of grace revealed in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ (John 14:6; Rom. 1:16; and I Cor. 15:1-8).

We ultimately value glorifying God in both what we do and how we do the ministry to which He has called us. We value: Pioneering, Integrity, Accountability, Communication, Development, Mobilization and Partnerships.

God has presented GoTEN with the great privilege of serving Him as “ambassadors to the nations.” We believe that vocational Christian service with GoTEN should include a calling of the Holy Spirit upon the heart and mind of each member. Our desire is that GoTEN will provide an atmosphere that enables each member to maximize his gifts and fulfill his calling regarding mission ministry. At the same time, we believe the calling and responsibilities of GoTEN as a ministry are larger in scope than any one person in the ministry.

We ultimately desire a team environment that glorifies God in both what we do and how we do the ministry to which He has called us.

Like many other evangelical ministries, GoTEN has adopted the Lausanne Covenant as our statement of faith.