GoTEN is an acronym that means Go To Every Nation. Our name comes from the last words Jesus gave to his followers… Go make disciples of every nation (Mat 28).

We help the Church to meet refugees’ immediate needs while we introduce them to Jesus. When refugees become disciples, we go with them to their home country to introduce their people to Jesus. Put simply, our desire is to give people who have never heard of Jesus the opportunity to meet him.

GoTEN was established in 2009 with the mission to share the Gospel among people who have NO chance of hearing it.

In 2014, GoTEN made a strategic shift to begin engaging legally resettled refugees living in the United States. We set up English centers in refugee communities to serve refugees and establish relationships to share the Gospel. Our team lives in refugee communities and regularly invites churches and individuals to serve at the centers.

Our English centers in Arizona and Texas allow us to minister to thousands of people who come from unreached nations. Our vision is to return with them to their home country to share the hope of Jesus with millions who have never heard it.

GoTEN is distinctly evangelical in intent and fellowship, interdenominational in character, worldwide in scope and represents no particular group or denomination, but rather, all believers who are committed to the Gospel of grace revealed in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ (John 14:6; Rom. 1:16; and I Cor. 15:1-8).

We ultimately value glorifying God in both what we do and how we do the ministry to which He has called us. We value: Pioneering, Integrity, Accountability, Communication, Development, Mobilization and Partnerships.

God has presented GoTEN with the great privilege of serving Him as “ambassadors to the nations.” We believe that vocational Christian service with GoTEN should include a calling of the Holy Spirit upon the heart and mind of each member. Our desire is that GoTEN will provide an atmosphere that enables each member to maximize his gifts and fulfill his calling regarding mission ministry. At the same time, we believe the calling and responsibilities of GoTEN as a ministry are larger in scope than any one person in the ministry.

We ultimately desire a team environment that glorifies God in both what we do and how we do the ministry to which He has called us.

Like many other evangelical ministries, GoTEN has adopted the Lausanne Covenant as our statement of faith.

President, GoTEN

Bobby Cox has been President of GoTEN, Inc since April 2009. Bobby and his wife Angie, along with their two children, lived in an unreached country in Asia for 5 years, where they shared the love of Christ among an unreached people group. Prior to serving overseas, Bobby served the local church in Texas and Oklahoma as a Minister to Students. Bobby is passionate about introducing  Jesus to those who have never heard of Him and have little chance of ever meeting Him.

Support Staff

Will Krueger – Director of Staff Development
Angie Cox – Financial Assistant / West Site Lead
Jenny Waller – Central Site Lead
Grace Resha – North Site Lead
Kayla Nielsen – Dallas Site Lead

Board of Directors

Rodger Graham – Chairman
Bobby Hart – Vice Chairman
Stephen Streeter – Treasurer
Steve Short – Secretary
Chad Smith
Kyle Brown