Generation 1.5 Immigrants

A Generation 1.5 Immigrant is a term that describes young people who arrived in the U.S. as children and adolescents. Unlike their first-generation parents or U.S.-born siblings, their identity is split. They are American in many ways, sometimes in most, but not entirely.

Depending on how old 1.5s are upon arrival, where they grow up, which ethnic group they belong to, and many other factors, their American/immigrant identities vary wildly, as do the roles they play within immigrant diasporas. They can play bridge-builder, language interpreter, and cultural interpreter, helping parents and grandparents navigate their new home. Or they can feel like outcasts, neither here nor there.

We are so thankful for Gen 1.5 refugees. Without them, we might not be able to speak to their parents at all. We are seeking to add purpose to the Gen 1.5 refugees by including them in the mission.

Join us in praying for this generation of young people. Pray that would God would give them the strength to persevere as they spend a good bit of their childhood "adulting" for their parents. Pray that they would not get lost in American culture trying to find their way. Pray that God would use them to return to their people and home country as messengers of Hope.