Open Doors

"What do you think about the Rohingya crisis?"
Ye Ye looked at us, waiting for an answer. We were surprised by his question - not many people within Myanmar will openly talk about the Rohingya crisis.
The Rohingya are a Muslim people group in Myanmar, and they have been fleeing from ethnic-based violence and persecution for years. Although the topic is controversial, Ye Ye seemed genuinely interested in hearing our thoughts. He was our guide on a mountain biking tour in a large city in Myanmar, and he could see that the Rohingya crisis was impacting tourism within the country.
The friend that was with me quickly and cleverly saw Ye Ye's question as an open door from God. He shared the story of the Good Samaritan with Ye Ye, and asked him, "Who is your neighbor?"
Over the course of the next several hours, God kept opening doors for us to share more stories from the Bible with Ye Ye. Each time we took a break along the bike tour, we would tell Ye Ye a story of truth. I told the story of the sacrifice that God made in the garden after Adam and Eve rebelled against him, and the story of the sacrifice that God asked Abraham to make. Then, my friend shared about the Passover sacrifice. Over an extended break for lunch, the three of us ate and drank tea as I shared about Jesus, who is our ultimate sacrifice.
After we finished sharing these stories, Ye Ye took some time to think through what he had just heard. He was intrigued by why Jesus had to die, as well as Jesus's future return.
"So, to believe in Jesus after He returns would be too late. Right?"
He was right! We were amazed by Ye Ye's thoughtful and insightful response to our stories. It was clear that the Holy Spirit was teaching him.
When the tour ended, we exchanged contact information so that we could stay in touch. Our bike tour with Ye Ye was an unexpected opportunity, filled with open doors from the Lord to share the truth with a man who had never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.