School Shoes

What if these were the shoes your 5th grader had to start school? 

Yesterday we saw these two slippers outside our classroom. Something didn’t look right. Inside the class was a refugee lady and her daughter visiting with one of our staff. We asked the young girl (5th grader) if she was ready for school to start. She said yes, but needed a pair of shoes. We quickly learned the mismatched slippers at the door were hers. It broke our hearts to see this sweet family struggling just to provide shoes for their kids.

Later that afternoon we visited her apartment and took her and her two siblings some new school shoes. (School starts this week in Arizona.) This family has not even considered pens, pencils, paper, and backpacks yet. Please pray for their father who has been sick with kidney failure and has left him without work. They are Muslims experiencing the love of Jesus Christ for the first time in their lives. Pray they would experience His healing and saving power very soon. PRAYER + LOVE + TRUTH We pray for people until we can pray with them. Join us in praying for complete physical healing for the father of this family. We love people the way Jesus loves people… unconditionally. We teach English, help with job placement, transportation, housing, and sometimes shoes! We share the Truth of God’s Word through storytelling. This happens every day when our team makes home visits. 

Act Now Help us provide shoes, clothes, school supplies, and other living expenses as we serve unreached refugees in our ministry areas.