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We are really a team of teams. We have teams working overseas and teams working in two different locations in the United States.
If you’re passionate about seeing unreached communities transformed by the gospel, loving your neighbor, and sharing God’s story, GoTEN might be the place for you.
Take a look at the positions below. Review the job description and complete the online application to start the process. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be 100% certain about the job before you apply. Our team will gladly walk with you through the process to help you discern the best timing.

Available Positions at GoTEN


Resident Missionary

Resident Missionary

The Phoenix region has three ministry sites and focuses on six unreached people groups. GoTEN is looking for Christian men and women willing to join our team that is living among refugees in Phoenix, AZ. The ministry consists of building relationships, helping them assimilate to life in the US and initiating Bible Story Groups in their homes.
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Resident Missionary

Resident Missionary

Currently just two team members living in a neighborhood in Dallas, TX populated with refugees. GoTEN is looking for Christian men and women willing to join our team and ministry in this community. The ministry consists of building relationships, teaching English, helping refugees assimilate to life in the US and initiating Bible Story Groups in their homes.
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Life at GoTEN

We are a small team with a huge vision– to see Jesus worshipped by every ethno-linguistic group on earth. We know this day is coming, and each member of our team has been called to play a small (and crucial) part.
We are a staff that really functions more like a family. As we have been transformed, we get to live daily life with those who have maybe never met a Christian or heard the name of Jesus before– and we get to model what life in the Kingdom is all about. “They will know you are my disciples by the way you have love for one another” John 13:35


Community & Care

Every day, you’ll have new problems to solve—and meet new people to learn from. Serving each other as we serve the communities we live in is the core of our culture. While every one of us feels called by God to serve marginalized peoples, we get our energy by serving together. We’re committed to supporting the learning you need to develop and will walk along side you as we all grow together.


We are not afraid. We are willing to pray with intentionality, think different about strategy, and risk courageously. We don’t seek persecution, but we expect it. We purposely try to see opportunities others don’t see and provide leadership and vision for the Church. We embrace Paul’s words in Romans 15:20 “It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known,”


We are not a church, but we are part of the Church. We each serve in a local church fellowship that vary from mega churches to house churches. We know the vision God has given us of making disciples among ALL unreached peoples is greater than one organization, denomination or church. We value collaboration with all who seek to see Jesus worshiped in every language on earth.
We intentionally create an atmosphere that encourages growth and spiritual/relational development. Through community, pioneering, servant leadership, partnerships and reliance on the Spirit, we ultimately desire to glorify God in both what we do and how we do the ministry to which He has called us.

Vocabulary words we use a lot: JESUS!, calling, unreached, prayer, love, Truth, integrity, community, goals, opportunities, accountability, partnerships, care, engagement, ownership, serve, volunteers, the Church, next steps, strategy, team, grow, win, passion and celebrate.