Discovery Day

Discovery Day2019-06-26T15:45:08-07:00

Project Description

Discovery Day is a full day of cross-cultural experiences that will help you discover other faiths and the people who follow them. You’ll learn how God is working in the midst of the refugee crisis, both globally and locally. You will also learn about how you can join in with what God is doing by serving with GoTEN. Leave your passport at home; God is bringing people to us!

When: July 6th – 9am – 3:30pm  //  July 20th – 9am – 3:30pm

This event is offered on multiple dates. You can select your preferred date when you register. 

Where: GoTEN Central Site (we will send specific driving and parking instructions upon registration)

What: You will engage your head, heart and hands throughout the course of the day

★  Head – A GoTEN staff member will lead you through a process of learning. The first part of the day will be spent at a GoTEN training center located in a refugee apartment complex.

★  Heart – We will introduce you to our international friends. Their kindness and hospitality will overwhelm you. We will meet internationals among their community. We will personally help you cross cultural barriers.

★  Hands – GoTEN will lead you to places you would probably not go on your own. You will participate in mission activities that you would normally do on a short-term mission trip in another country.

One of the activities includes lunch at an Iraqi market. Please bring $10 to buy your own lunch.