Refugee Ministry Internship

Get practical training and experience by serving refugees this summer.

Refugee Ministry Internship

Team: Development Team
Location: Phoenix, Arizona - USA
Get practical training and experience by serving refugees this summer.

Dates: June 1 - July 31, 2023, Cost: $3,000 with housing / $500 without housing

A relationship begins with a connection. We teach classes to refugees at the GoTEN Training Center (English, sewing, tutoring for kids, etc.) In this ministry context we serve and CONNECT to our refugee neighbors. While English is limited, refugees often communicate their burdens and joys as we visit their homes. It is during these visits that we seek to COMMUNICATE stories of hope from our own lives and God's Word. In the home, a true friendship can begin. As we share life with our neighbors (visiting their homes and they ours) we begin to DISCIPLE our neighbors with the Truth from God's Word.

Are you interested in learning about and serving refugees? Are you interested in being trained in cross-cultural ministry and being equipped with practical tools to help you engage in missions? Would you like to be mentored by experienced missionaries living among refugees?

If this sounds like you, and you would like to know more details regarding training specifics, cost, expectations, fundraising options, and what a typical day is like, please fill out the form below to submit your contact information so we can reach out to you and talk more.

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Send us a quick note and our mobilizer will reach out to answer questions and help you discern if and how God might be leading you.

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