Fundraising Manager

GoTEN engages legally resettled refugees living in the United States, as well as refugees who have been moved and settled in other global cities. In the US, we set up English centers in refugee communities to serve refugees and establish relationships to share the Gospel. Our teams live in refugee communities and regularly invite churches and individuals to serve at the centers. Our current English centers in Arizona and Texas allow us to minister to thousands of people who come from unreached nations. Our vision is to return with them to their home country to share the hope of Jesus with millions who have never heard it. Globally, we do much of the same thing by living among a refugee community while seeking to serve their needs and share with them the hope that Jesus brings.

GoTEN has a growing missionary staff locally and globally. However, in order for GoTEN to continue to financially fund all ministry projects and ministry locations, we are looking for someone with experience in financial fundraising to join our staff and help us reach our yearly financial goals to meet the needs of our ministry initiatives. The Fundraising Manager would build and maintain relationships with churches, individuals, and other organizations to help in the overall vision of GoTEN and the development of our global ministry.

If this sounds like you, and you would like to hear more details, please click the apply button below to submit your contact information so we can reach out to you and talk more.

This position requires fundraising.