How did the apostle Paul always concern himself with how his circumstances would aid the spread of the gospel? When he was unjustly imprisoned, his perspective was how God could use his situation to bring salvation to others (Acts 16:9-34, Phil 1:13). He saw the angry mob prepared to stone him as an audience to preach the gospel (Acts 22: 1-21). Even King Agrippa couldn’t alter his perspective while Paul faced his criminal proceedings; again Paul takes the opportunity to share the Good News with the king (Acts 26). Shipwrecked and isolated, imprisoned and attacked, Paul’s perspective was always that God had a plan. No matter how bleak the situation seemed, Paul was ready to use the circumstance to engage in a plan that was much bigger than himself.

World events never catch God by surprise. During famines, droughts, wars, and pandemics, God has always been at work. God’s purposes and plans are higher than our ways and thoughts (Isaiah 55:9). If you believe God is in control and believe His plans are better than your plans, your perspective can be broader than the catastrophic events of our day.

I recently read an article entitled “Covid-19 Could Mean Extinction For Many Charities.” While the article focused on challenging non-profits to be creative and tough during this season, it’s a reality. With stock markets in a lull, an uncertain economy, and fear that has paralyzed the world, many non-profits will face a shortage of funding, If we are not careful, we could quickly lose perspective and consider ourselves shipwrecked, imprisoned and assume God is nowhere to be found. Not us. We choose to remain focused on the Truth and not the situation. Join us as we press on and remain steadfast so that we, like Paul, can say, “Now I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that what has happened to me (us) has actually served to advance the gospel (Phil 1:12).