At the beginning of March, GoTEN hosted a storytelling training for Encouragers (volunteers) to learn how they can share Bible stories with their refugee friends. We talked about the process of storytelling and how it includes a refugee friend’s story, our own story, and God’s story.  As we get to know refugee friends more, we learn their story and identify themes in their story such as family, fear, hopelessness, and health. These reoccurring themes in conversations, help us share stories from our lives that echo the same theme but also show how God has transformed that area of our lives. Once we’ve heard our refugee friend’s story and shared our story, it creates a great bridge to share a story of how God transformed someone’s life in the Bible. After we discussed this process with our Encouragers, we also got to learn and practice two Bible stories at the training: Jesus Calms the Storm and The Creation Story.

As we train Encouragers in GoTEN’s method of storytelling, our hope is that Encouragers feel equipped and empowered to share truth with their refugee friends. We also hope that as more of our refugee friends hear truth, it will open opportunities to share more of God’s story to their family and friends in groups. We pray that Encouragers will connect with refugee friends who are open to friendship, to the message of truth, and to inviting believers into their social circles.