If the world was a waffle…

GoTEN began in 2009 as a Christian missions organization. Our name comes out of Matthew 28:19, where Jesus tells his disciples to go to every nation, immersing them in God’s character and teaching them to obey His commands.

But did you know that 59% of our world’s population have little-to-no access to the Good News about Jesus?

In order to track which people still have limited access to the Gospel, organizations like GoTEN identify groups of people that share a common identity, language, and culture. We call these groups, “People Groups.” A People Group is the largest group within which the Gospel can spread without encountering a barrier of understanding or acceptance. A barrier of understanding could be a difference in language or culture that makes it difficult to comprehend the Gospel message, while a barrier of acceptance could be the risk of responding to the Gospel message by becoming a Christian.

That might be a lot to take in, so we’d like to offer a very sophisticated visual aid to illustrate this concept….a waffle!

Imagine that the world is a waffle.

Each little square in the waffle is a distinct People Group, and the syrup is the Gospel. As you pour syrup onto your waffle, you’ll notice that the syrup doesn’t spread across the surface because of those little waffle walls. To ensure that each square is equally saturated in syrupy goodness, you’d need to individually pour syrup into every square. It takes more work, but it makes for a much tastier waffle. Who likes dry waffles, anyway?

GoTEN is actively placing missionaries among Unreached People Groups. If we’re thinking in terms of a waffle, these would be the dry squares, with waffle walls so high that the syrup can’t get in naturally.

Most of the groups that are “Unreached” are unreached for a reason – these people are hard, difficult, and sometimes dangerous to reach. Even with the faithful effort of many Christians before us, there’s still significant work to be done. Will you join us in praying for the 4.3 billion people in our world who live among the Unreached?

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