Changing up our prayer rhythms can be a helpful way to keep our mind and heart engaged with God, and with the people around the world who have yet to hear about Jesus. Here are 10 different ways to pray for Unreached People Groups and for God’s work around the world.

1. Pray as you eat.

We often associate prayer and fasting. But what about prayer and feasting? Plan an evening of prayer for an Unreached People Group and research prayer requests and recipes for those people. Invite a few friends to join you in celebrating God’s work amongst that People Group.

2. Pray as you don’t eat.

4 out of 5 refugees who have been legally resettled to the U.S. are from Unreached People Groups. What would happen if you restricted your food spending to the budget of a refugee for a week?

3. Sign up for prayer letters.

The real stories about what God is doing in real people across the world can energize and inspire you! Does your local church sponsor missionaries? Get on their prayer list or subscribe to their blog. You could also write to a mission agency that you know of and ask them to connect you with a missionary who writes regular prayer letters.

4. Financially support a missionary.

It’s true that our hearts follow our money. When you give to a missionary who is working amongst an unreached people group, you’ll find that you’re much more engaged in prayer for that ministry.

5. Expand the prayers you’re already praying.

As you pray for those close to you—emotionally and geographically—extend those prayers to Unreached People Groups around the world. Are you praying for someone with a particular illness? Learn about the way that illness, or others like it, affect people around the world. Praying for an issue or situation your family is facing? Pray for families around the world with similar situations.

6. Make prayer collage cards.

Cut a piece of cardboard or thick cardstock into 6”x8” rectangles, and then glue various clippings—from photos, images from newspapers or magazines or prayer letters, etc.—onto the cards. These cards become visual promptings to pray, and are easier to scan quickly than those prayer letters.

7. Pray like others pray.

People around the world use various postures, methods and tools in prayer. As you pray for a particular place or People Group, why not imitate different prayer methods? Prostrate yourself to pray. Light candles. Recite verses of Scripture. Use prayer beads, etc.

8. Pray as you shop.

Much of the stuff you buy—from your food and clothes, to your gadgets and textbooks—were made or partially produced in another country. Learn about the conditions of workers in those countries. Research which Unreached People Groups live in that country and pray for them.

9. Pay attention—and put up a map.

As you read or hear the names of cities, regions, or countries around the world, look them up. Find one or two facts about them and pray for those issues and for the Unreached People Groups in those areas. Whether it’s in Bible study or on social media, you will find that you are often learning about another part of the world.

10. Build relationships.

The internet has a wealth of information about the world, but nothing can replace hearing first-hand stories from someone you actually know. Make friends with international students, immigrant families, refugees, or work colleagues from other countries. Pray for these people, for their families and friends, and for the concerns of their home country.