The Rohingya people are facing an ongoing crisis. With no rights, no citizenship, and no protection from ethnic persecution, their situation is desperate.

For the next 7 days, will you join us in praying for the Rohingya?


Day 1: Pray for the Rohingya

Pray for awareness to grow on behalf of the Rohingya and their ongoing crisis.  

Pray for this crisis to grip the hearts of people who will respond with faithful intercession, advocacy, and action.


Day 2: Pray for the Rohingya living in refugee camps

Pray for the governmental and humanitarian workers in the camps to be filled with compassion and empathy for the refugees.

Pray for God to bring comfort to the men, women, and children in the refugee camps who are experiencing deep grief and depression.


Day 3: Pray for the Rohingya who have been legally resettled as refugees

Pray for Rohingya refugees who have been separated from their families during the resettlement process, and pray that God would meet them in their loneliness.

Pray that as families and individuals are legally resettled to new locations around the world, they would encounter followers of Jesus who extend love and care to them.


Day 4: Pray for the Rohingya people to experience the true hope that is found in Jesus.

Pray for Jesus Christ, our Living Hope, to be the ultimate fulfillment of their hopelessness.


Day 5: Pray for biblical resources in the Rohingya language

Pray for God to bless the translation process of Scripture, the Jesus Film, and other resources into the Rohingya language.

Pray for one Rohingya believer who can share the Good News with their people in their heart language.


Day 6: Pray for spiritual breakthroughs for the Rohingya

Pray that God would give the Rohingya people a hunger to know him and to learn more about Jesus.

Pray for good fruit to come from the bible stories that our staff and volunteers share with their Rohingya refugee friends – pray specifically for several Rohingya families to commit to gathering once a week to hear stories from God’s Word.


Day 7: Pray for followers of Jesus to befriend Rohingya refugees

Pray for Christians around the world to persevere in prayer for the Rohingya people, and to pursue friendships with the Rohingya refugees in their communities.

Pray for the Rohingya people to encounter the love of Christ and the Good News of the Gospel through their friendships with Christians


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