Will you join us in praying for Syria?

March 15th marks 8 years of civil war in the region. For the next week, will you commit to praying for Syria? 


Day 1: Pray for Jesus to bring hope to the Syrian families and individuals living in fear and despair

  • Pray for the 13 million people who have fled their homes due to war, violence, and persecution
  • Pray for God’s provision to meet their basic needs, such as access to food, medication, and shelter


Day 2: Pray for Syrian Christians

  • Pray for God to strengthen their faith, and to gift them with courage and wisdom to navigate their current situation
  • Pray for the global church to consistently intercede on behalf of our Syrian brothers and sisters


Day 3: Pray for Syrians who do not yet know Jesus

  • Pray for men, women, and children to have dreams and visions about Jesus
  • Pray for opportunities for them to understand and respond to the Good News of the Gospel


Day 4: Pray for God’s provision for refugees in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and elsewhere in the region

  • The vast majority of refugees who have fled Syria are living within these neighboring countries
  • Pray for vulnerable children, who make up nearly half of the refugees in some countries, and women, who are at risk of gender-based violence


Day 5: Pray for refugees being resettled within the United States

  • Pray for coordinated efforts between local churches, non-profit organizations, and governmental entities so that refugees from Syria and beyond would be welcomed into the the United States
  • Pray for opportunities for our GoTEN staff and volunteers to build friendships with our Syrian neighbors and to extend the love and life of Jesus to them


Day 6: Pray for local churches in every region that is receiving refugees

  • Pray that our collective response would be reflective of Jesus and characterized by compassion, hospitality, and love
  • Pray that refugees’ interactions with Christians would be both an encouragement to those who are already followers of Jesus and a compelling witness to those who do not yet know Jesus


Day 7: Pray for true peace in Syria

  • Pray for peacemakers who will wage peace in this troubled country
  • Pray that as Syrian refugees return to their home country, they will bring lasting peace though the Good News of Jesus