Thuray was one of 20 Kachin church planters we trained and ministered with while we were in Myanmar in October of 2019. Thuray began visiting a new village a few months ago and quickly found a person of peace who invited him to stay in his home. There is no electricity or running water and as you can imagine very primitive. As our team visited the homes in the village, the people welcomed us because of Thuray’s prayers for the people and the love he has shown to these families.

In this 2-minute video, Thuray explains that there are no churches in this village and he is the only Christian but asks for your prayers as he implements the new methods of sharing the Gospel he learned during the training.

GoTEN connected with church planters in Mynamar through the refugee program in the United States. A former refugee, now US citizen and GoTEN staff member travels regularly to his home country to invest in his people. GoTEN walks alongside these missionaries providing training that helps communicate the love of Jesus to people who have yet to hear the Good News.