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Project Description

Mission Trip: South Asia

This exotic and culturally rich part of the world is gaining influence on the world stage, but is in desperate need of the gospel. Many here face abject poverty, the horrors of sexual slavery and religious persecution; yet the gospel continues to go forth and draw increasing numbers to Jesus!

Dates: March 22-31, 2019*  

The purpose of the trip is to partner with local church planters living in unreached villages. We will be training the church planters in the mornings and  visiting homes in the afternoons and evenings. Our presence is a catalyst to be invited into homes and create a curiosity among neighbors. Our goal is that we will help launch new story groups that will birth house churches in villages where there are no churches.

*Mission dates subject to change.


Trip Cost: $2600

Included in cost:

  • Lodging / in-country transportation and meals
  • Travelers Health Insurance
  • Roundtrip airfare

Not included in cost:

  • Passport / Visa
  • Vaccinations
  • Meals during travel days

Our mission team will be divided into smaller ministry teams of three. Each team will be assigned to a church planter and interpreter. The teams will make house visits and host story group parties with the church planter. During the house visit, you will listen to the needs of the people in the home, share a Biblical story of hope, and pray for the family. We will follow the Luke 10 model of seeking a person of peace each day.

The church planter will arrange to host a story group party in a location where he/she would like to start a new story group. During the day as you make house visits, your ministry team will invite people to attend the story group party in the evening. During the story group party, your team of three will share the first three stories of a chronological Bible Story track. The story track is made up of 12 stories that give non-Christians a perspective of God’s redemptive plan. The church planter will return to the story group the following week to tell story number four. You will be trained in story-telling techniques prior to the trip.


We will gather or Skype for at least four meetings before departure. During these meetings we will:

  • learn about the people and their culture
  • learn do’s and don’ts of culture and how we can be most effective as a missions team
  • assist with logistics such as acquiring a passport and tourism visa
  • learning and practice telling Gospel stories (story sets provided by GoTEN)
  • Suggested Reading: Contagious Disciple Making by David L. Watson & Paul D. Watson


  • Valid passport required. Cannot expire within 6 months of the trip’s return date. (Visit travel.state.gov for applications and information about passports.)
  • Tourist Visa is required prior to arrival ($45 fee not included in trip fee.)
  • Please visit cdc.gov/travel for up to date vaccination requirements for Myanmar. Most can be done at your primary care physician’s office; some are covered by insurance.
  • If you need additional resources, we recommend World Travel Health Clinic at 602.863.3433; worldtravelhealth.net; Passport Health, 480.345.6800; or passporthealthaz.com.

Dates: March 22-31, 2019
Cost: $2600
Location: Asia
Region: Global