In mid-2019, GoTEN partnered with the High School Ministry of Scottsdale Bible to engage in ministry among refugees living at Canyon Pointe Apartments in Phoenix, AZ. Once a month 20-30 high school students minister alongside GoTEN by playing games and sharing Bible stories with kids from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Myanmar, and Somalia. Each month the relationships between the students and the kids grows stronger. They remember each other’s names, take pictures, and generally care for each other.

The ministry is mutually beneficial. High school students are learning how to relate cross culturally, share Bible stories and connect relationally with people that come from very different backgrounds. Not only are the students learning and pioneering, they are paving a way for the rest of the church to engage missions locally.

Clean Feet & New Shoes

This month’s gathering was unique. We don’t normally give away stuff expecting to eradicate poverty. But over the last several months, the students noticed that several of the kids did not wear shoes and thought washing the kids’ feet would be a great way to relate a Bible story. And why not show a little love by giving away a new pair of shoes too. We ended up giving away 130 pairs of shoes and washed a lot of little feet. It’s not easy to engage the parents each month because of the language barrier, but several parents came out of their apartment and watched the acts of love from these students. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; our prayer is that this act of love they could see with their own eyes would translate to thousands of words in their own heart language.

Over the last several months we have been telling Old Testament stories helping them better understand God and His love for people. The kids were ready to hear about Jesus. It was encouraging to hear the little ones repeat the story back to us that Jesus was from God and washed His followers’ feet because He loved them. We connected Jesus’ action to our action. Please pray that this act of having their feet washed would be deeply embedded in their little minds. Please pray with us that these little ones would be the translators for their parents and fill in the rest of the story with their parents.

Please continue to pray how we can engage this community on a more regular basis. We would love to place new staff at this site full-time and launch a new life skills center to engage the parents. Will you join us in praying for God’s provision at Canyon Pointe?