This post comes to us from Anna, who came to a Discovery Day with GoTEN back in August 2018.

God took me out of my comfort zone by pushing me to sign up for a Discovery Day. At that time, it was called a One Day Mission Trip. I had never done any sort of missions trip in my life, so I wasn’t completely sure what serving in this capacity would look like – I just knew that God was calling me to sign up for it.

I’m ashamed to say that I was nervous to go to sites where Muslim refugees were, as I strongly associated Muslims with various terrorist attacks. I was just floored when GoTen went over the statistics in the first part of our training session. I previously thought refugees and undocumented immigrants were interchangeable… and to be honest, I didn’t think either group should be in America. As the day went on, I realized how much misinformation I had about these different people groups. I found myself holding back tears through most of our activities. God has undoubtedly broken my heart for these precious people.


After that Discovery Day, I had a difficult time sleeping and I felt like I was always holding back tears when I thought about how these refugees were living. I had no idea anyone in Phoenix was living like these people are (and I’m sure the conditions are far worse in other countries). I’ll find myself going about my business, and then suddenly the sweet woman from Afghanistan that I met will cross my mind. Before I know it, I’m weeping for her. I wonder about how her day is going and whether or not she’s worrying about basic needs or her safety.


After going to a Discovery Day, my whole world was turned upside down.


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