During this season of uncertainty, many of our friends find comfort in a story.

Recently, I have been sharing stories of Truth with refugee women about God’s provision, protection, and peace. The conversation comes up naturally because the refugee community is deeply concerned and struggling to understand and provide. Many have experienced loss of wages or a job all together. I love to tell my personal story about how God has provided for me and given me peace during fearful situations.

As I was helping a Rohingya friend, she shared her worries about running out of supplies due to the Corona virus. She was referring to her smaller supply of rice compared to her friends. She shared about the large supply her friends have and her crazy experience trying to get groceries at the market. I could totally relate to her. For one, I too experienced the chaos at the market which reminded me of another fearful season in my life– Y2K. I shared my story of that season, how people were thinking and feeling including the fear so many people had during that time. Looking back now it seems so trivial but at the time, a lot of people were pretty freaked out. People were panic buying more stuff than they needed and many of those supplies ended up spoiling before they could use them. I explained how it is good to be prepared, but at the same time we need to trust God because He can provide for our needs.

After sharing my story, I shared the story of Elijah and the Ravens and how God provided for Elijah during a drought. I explained how God sent ravens to bring Elijah bread and meat each day and how there was a brook for Elijah to drink water. I shared that we can trust God to provide for us too, just like he did for Elijah. The story seemed to soothe her thoughts, brought peace, and proclaimed our God as the ultimate provider.

Please pray that God will continue provide for my refugee friends’ physical need during this time as well as replace fear with faith. Ask God to bless His Word as it sinks deeply into souls that need restoration, peace and hope.