Prayer, Love, and Truth. That’s what we’re all about at GoTEN. We pray for refugees until we’re able to pray with them. We love them by teaching them English and meeting their tangible needs. Then, we spend time with them to build genuine relationships. We listen to what’s going on in their lives, and we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to share Bible stories that relate to what they’re experiencing. This method of storytelling helps us connect their story to the ongoing story of hope, life, and transformation that’s found in a relationship with Jesus.  


Here’s a story from one of our GoTEN Resident Missionaries. She lives in a refugee apartment complex, and regularly serves her neighbors in Prayer, Love, and Truth.

“This past Sunday, I was walking to my apartment when I ran into a Rohingya refugee.

I asked how he was doing and he told me that he was having a bad day. He started telling me about how he’s been taking medication for leg pain, but now he’s become addicted to the medicine and feels like he can’t stop taking it. As I listened to him, I noticed how hopeless he sounded. I told him about how I had felt trapped by depression when I was younger, and how God had filled my life with hope. Then I shared the story of the hopeless man at the pool of Bethesda in John 5, and how Jesus healed him and gave him hope. I shared with him that God cares about what we are going through, and He desires to give us lasting hope. He agreed and invited me to come over later this week to share more.”

The people around you need to hear about how God has transformed you, how He’s brought restoration into your life, and how He’s given you hope. Contact us to sign up for a storytelling training, or click here to start building a friendship with a refugee!