This story is from two of our staff members who are working in East Asia, referred to as “C” and “A.”  The names have been changed to protect the people involved.


This month, we witnessed the most incredible movement of the Holy Spirit. Living overseas, we deal with a spectrum of emotions, ranging from excitement to homesickness, hopefulness to discouragement, and victory to condemnation. We long to see our Father’s Light and Love coming to life in the people around us who walk in darkness. To be honest, there have been numerous times in the last four years when we felt like we were banging our heads against a wall, getting nowhere, and wondering why we left the comforts of “home” to come to this place.  During this term, we’ve continuously sensed God asking us to be bold in prayer – to believe that He wants to do “immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine.” As we’ve prayed, there were many times we doubted that we would see Him do something SO amazing that it’s more than we could ask or imagine. This month, we saw just that.

“A” was about to leave for a time of outreach when she sensed the Spirit saying to stay home.  About two minutes later, “Mrs. L” showed up unannounced on our doorstep. She had a friend with her. In the past few weeks, A has been encouraging Mrs. L to be bold in sharing her faith with the people around her. Mrs. L shared about God with a friend, but the friend was confused by Mrs. L’s explanation, so Mrs. L brought her to us. That afternoon, we spent two hours telling the friend, “Mrs. Z,” all about God. She asked many questions and we gave the best answers we could.  After every explanation, she kept saying 不可能吧!which means “It can’t be!After she left our home, we prayed for our Father to reveal Himself to her in a mighty way. A couple days later, she showed up with another friend, “Grandma.” Once again, we spent all afternoon talking to Mrs. Z and Grandma about the Father.  After our conversation, Mrs. Z said, “This is true. This is all true. I believe it. How do I receive it?” That day, both she and Grandma said yes to Jesus in our living room!

Mrs. Z came back a couple of days later with tears in her eyes to tell me of the ways she’s been encountering the Father. Her daughter struggles with mental illness, and one night, she had an episode that frightened Mrs. Z. Although she was afraid, she prayed that the Father would help her and calm her daughter. Immediately, her daughter quieted down and Mrs. Z felt peace enter their home.  She told me this story through tears, saying, “Our Father, God, is real, and He is present with us!” We praised Him together, and she asked me what the next step was in her relationship with Jesus. As I explained baptism to her, she said, “I must do it right now! We can’t wait!”  I told her to invite people near to her to witness this public profession, and I invited other Christians for her to meet as well. A local believer named “E” came, as well as Mrs. Z’s niece. E and Mrs. Z shared their stories of what the Father has done in each of their lives, and they rejoiced together.  Through this, Mrs. Z’s niece also got to hear the Good News.

We all prayed together over Mrs. Z, and then she prayed out loud to the Father. I can truly say that I’ve never heard a more pure or passionate prayer in my life. Through tears, she told God that even though she doesn’t understand everything about Him, she is willing to learn.  She confessed to Him that even though she isn’t perfect, she is willing to receive correction and repent. She told Him that she will follow Him all of her days, and she cried out about how much she loves Him. When she finished, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. This lady is filled with the Spirit!! We trained E how to baptize, and she had the opportunity to baptize her new sister in Christ.  By the end of the day, Mrs. Z was already making plans to share her testimony with the elderly woman that E cares for.

“C” & I looked at one another in amazement and said, “The only thing we did in this situation was be home when this lady showed up at our front door.” God did, indeed, do more than we ever could have asked or imagined!


Please keep Mrs. Z in your prayers as she is experiencing new Life in the Father.  She has said that she wants to learn how to share this Truth with people around her.  Pray that Mrs. Z would become a force for the Kingdom in this city.

Pray that Mrs. L will be encouraged by Mrs. Z’s testimony and will be able to see the way that the Father used her to bring Mrs. Z into the Kingdom.  Pray that Mrs. L will be encouraged to be baptized as she still hasn’t taken this step of obedience.   

Pray that Grandma, who also accepted Jesus, would meet with Mrs. Z soon because we’d like to follow up with her.