On a recent trip to Myanmar while our team was visiting a home in a remote village, we met twin boys about 6 months old. Their father was working in another country to provide for them and the mother had yet to name the two. When we enter a home, we begin with a few questions to try to learn the homeowners’ story. After a few questions like, “Who lives here?” or “What do you do for work?” we can usually create a conversation that will lead to an opportunity to share a Bible story that relates personally to them. In this home, after admiring her babies and asking a few questions allowing her to brag on them for a while, I asked the mother if she knew anyone who could not have a baby. She nodded and I responded with this statement, “Babies are a gift from God. It reminds me of a woman named Hannah who could not have a child. Can I tell you that story?” She agreed and by this time there were a few neighbors and a few more children that had come to the house to see these strange guests from a foreign land.

I shared the story of the Calling of Samuel from 1 Samuel 3 and communicated God’s faithfulness, Hannah’s response to God and Samuel actually hearing God speak. All of these were foreign concepts to this Buddhist family. She seemed to enjoy the story and after I had finished, the woman told the translator that she had not yet named the twin boys and wondered if I would be willing to name them. WOW! This was a first for me. I thought for a minute and replied, “How about Samuel and Eli?” Eli was the priest in the story that cared for Samuel after Hannah had given her son for the work of the Lord.

Samuel and Eli live in a remote village where there are no churches. There is a missionary living near them and he is the one who introduced us to this family. Will you join me in praying that Samuel and Eli will always question where they got their names? Will you join me in praying that God would call Samuel and Eli in the same way he called the Old Testament Samuel?

The purpose of our trip was to support the work of GoTEN missionaries in Myanmar living among Buddhist people with little access to the Gospel. We visited the homes of the neighbors of our missionaries. During the visit, we shared Bible Stories that relate to their life and then invited them to a neighborhood gathering that evening. At the gathering, we shared Bible Stories with the goal of launching a new Chronological Bible Story Group.

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