A Reproducible Church Planting Strategy

It’s been one year since we trained Ropi to use our strategy of prayer, love, and truth to plant churches. The strategy is taught using hand motions so that the church planter can easily pass the method on to new believers. Ropi is speaking in Burmese, but here is an English translation of what he is saying:

“We go to the people in prayer, love, and truth, looking for a person of peace who is open to me, open to my message, and opens their relationships to me. We gather in story groups, and I share my story, I share a chronological story, and I share the Gospel story, leading them to be obedient in baptism, in gathering together, and in going together.”

Ropi’s Village

Since being trained last year, Ropi has started a story group in a 100% Buddhist village. He recently baptized two people, and he has a church gathering every week. Ropi is meeting the deep spiritual need of this village as he engages the people in prayer, love, and truth. Through our partnership with Ropi, we sponsored a well to meet the practical needs of the community. As this well brings a life-giving resource to the village, Ropi continues to bring an invitation for new life in Christ.

Go With Us

Want to see the training implemented? Join us on an upcoming trip.