The Greatest Gift

The following was a post from one of staff members working among unreached refugees in Arizona….

God has been on the move in mighty ways through the faithful partnership of His Church and my time with GoTEN. It’s such a gift that I get to spend this Christmas celebrating Jesus in a place that desperately needs to know God’s love; downtown with my refugee friends in Phoenix!

In the picture above, you can see my car filled to the brim with gifts given out of love by local Christians. These gifts were purchased for two Muslim families that my team has been surrounding with Prayer, Love, and Truth for some time– and these gifts will display the love of Jesus to these families who come from Bible-less, church-less people groups on their first Christmas. I’m so proud of ordinary people who invest to make an extraordinary difference in the lives of lost people (people just like you!). Your every prayer, gift, and moment serving makes an eternal impact.

As we draw near to the day we celebrate the greatest gift God ever gave the world, would you join me in praying for the 4.3 Billion in our world who have not yet heard of Jesus?

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