This exotic and culturally rich part of the world is gaining influence on the world stage, but is in desperate need of the gospel. Many here face abject poverty, the horrors of sexual slavery and religious persecution; yet the gospel continues to go forth and draw increasing numbers to Jesus!

Dates: May 21-29, 2021 

The purpose of the trip is to partner with local church planters living in unreached villages. We will be training the church planters in the mornings and  visiting homes in the afternoons and evenings. Our presence is a catalyst to be invited into homes and create a curiosity among neighbors. Our goal is that we will help launch new story groups that will birth house churches in villages where there are no churches.


GoTEN’s Master Trainers will conduct the training in English for three mornings. The information will be translated to the church planters. You will participate in the training sessions each morning. After lunch, we will form teams to practice what you have learned in the local church planters mission field. The church planter will take you to his neighbors and friend’s homes. As you share tea together, you will visit with the family and share a Bible story that connects to the family. After your brief (30 min) home visit, you will invite the family to a gathering to hear more stories later that evening. After 4-7 home visits, our team will gather to share The Story of the Lamb (a four story set from Creation to Christ.) The church planter will followup with the participants and hopefully launch a new church from the story group. After three days of training in one location, our team will move to another part of Myanmar and conduct another training.


Yes, the team will be led by a trip leader from GoTEN who will guide the team through all the logistics and gather everyone for team meetings prior to departure for training, team building, communication, spiritual preparation, and learning about the Burmese people group. Our team will practice home visits among local refugee communities before leaving the USA.


Trip Cost: $2900

Included in cost:

  • Lodging / in-country transportation and meals
  • Travelers Health Insurance
  • Roundtrip airfare

Not included in cost:

  • Passport / Visa
  • Vaccinations
  • Meals during travel days


We will gather for at least four meetings before departure. During these meetings we will:

  • learn about the people and their culture
  • learn do’s and don’ts of culture and how we can be most effective as a missions team
  • assist with logistics such as acquiring a passport and tourism visa for Myanmar
  • learning and practice telling Gospel stories (story sets provided by GoTEN)
  • Suggested Reading: Telling the Gospel Through Story by Christine Dillon


  • Valid passport required. Cannot expire within 6 months of the trip’s return date. (Visit for applications and information about passports.)
  • Tourist Visa is required prior to arrival ($45 fee not included in trip fee.)
  • Please visit for up to date vaccination requirements for Myanmar. Most can be done at your primary care physician’s office; some are covered by insurance.
  • If you need additional resources, we recommend World Travel Health Clinic at 602.863.3433;; Passport Health, 480.345.6800; or


This is a new partnership, so participants will get to experience what it’s like to pioneer Christian work where it currently does not exist. This is a trip for the serious world traveler, someone looking for a challenge and adventure. Participants should be at least 18 years of age and physically fit. We need people who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and who are passionate about seeing the Gospel advance to the unreached and unengaged.