Go To Every Nation

GoTEN - Go To Every Nation

GoTEN is an acronym that means Go To Every Nation. Our name comes from the last words Jesus gave to his followers… Go make disciples of every nation (Mat 28).

We Pray

We consistently pray for the nations who don't know the hope Jesus brings. Pray with us.

We Welcome

God is brining unreached nations to our doorsteps in the form of international students and refugees. Welcome with us.

We Go

We take short-term trips to share Truth with people who have the least chance to hear it. Go with us.

We Send

We train and send missionaries to go to the places not yet reached by the Gospel. Join a send team.

Our Work

We help the Church to meet refugees’ immediate needs while we introduce them to Jesus. When refugees become disciples, we go with them to their home country to introduce their people to Jesus. Put simply, our desire is to give people who have never heard of Jesus the opportunity to meet him.

GoTEN was established in 2009 with the mission to share the Gospel among people who have NO chance of hearing it.

What We Do

In 2014, GoTEN made a strategic shift to begin engaging legally resettled refugees living in the United States. We set up English centers in refugee communities to serve refugees and establish relationships to share the Gospel. Our team lives in refugee communities and regularly invites churches and individuals to serve at the centers.

Our English centers in Arizona and Texas allow us to minister to thousands of people who come from unreached nations. Our vision is to return with them to their home country to share the hope of Jesus with millions who have never heard it.