Go To Every Nation

GoTEN English Class

GoTEN - Go To Every Nation

GoTEN is an acronym that means Go To Every Nation. Our name comes from the last words Jesus gave to his followers… Go make disciples of every nation (Mat 28).

We Pray

We consistently pray for the nations who don't know the hope Jesus brings. Pray with us.

We Welcome

God is bringing unreached nations to our doorsteps in the form of international students and refugees. Welcome with us.

We Go

We take short-term trips to share Truth with people who have the least chance to hear it. Go with us.

We Send

We train and send missionaries to go to the places not yet reached by the Gospel. Join a team.

Our Mission

We facilitate discipleship relationships among unreached people.

A relationship begins with a connection. Our ministry is located in central Phoenix where internationals live. We teach English classes, sewing classes, help refugee kids, and provide additional services needed by refugees in our neighborhood. These ministries help us love our neighbor the way Jesus does. It is through this ministry context that we CONNECT and look for opportunities to share. While English is limited, refugees often communicate their burdens and joys as we visit their homes. It is during these visits that we seek to COMMUNICATE stories of hope from our own lives and God's Word. It is in the home that a true friendship begins. As we share life with our neighbors (visiting their homes and they ours) we begin to DISCIPLE our neighbors with the Truth from God's Word. This is how we facilitate discipleship relationships among unreached people.

Our Ministry Context

GoTEN has created a ministry context in Phoenix, AZ among unreached refugees. Approximately 83% of all refugees that have been legally resettled in Arizona have come from countries that are predominantly unreached… meaning it is less than 2% Christian. God has moved people with little access to the Gospel into our neighborhoods. GoTEN’s ministry context is centered around GoTEN’s Training Center at 4801 N 19th Ave. The neighborhood is diverse with immigrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, Myanmar, Nepal, Syria, and Somalia. At GoTEN’s Training Center, we offer free English classes, sewing classes, kids programs, and other refugee services to assist newly arriving refugees. Our programs prioritize establishing long-term connections between Christians within the Phoenix metro area and unreached refugees. Volunteers from local churches that serve in the ministry become missionaries to the unreached. In essence, we are both a refugee ministry and a missionary training organization as it is our desire to facilitate discipleship relationships among unreached people. This ministry context not only provides a wonderful opportunity for the local church to engage their unreached refugee neighbors, but it also makes for a great environment for missionary pre-field training. Goers with GoTEN or other partnered mission agencies can send their workers to Phoenix to prepare in a ministry context that provides a classroom learning environment as well as a practical environment for application of ministry tools being learned. GoTEN is both a training and sending agency.

Our Training

We desire to help the Church to love God and love people. GoTEN's Training Center is located in a neighborhood that needs God's love. Our training center provides a ministry context for training the Church. Our practical training provides a hands on approach that connects with the head, heart, and hands. While you are connecting and learning about your new international friend's culture, we are training you in cross-cultural ministry skills such as understanding cultures, overcoming barriers, Bible storying, DBS, language learning and much more. Through the relationships you build in class, you can implement your training on the same day. GoTEN provides mentors to help model and assist you during a home visit.

If you are local and want to get involved, we have options for you. If you are working with another mission agency and need training, we're here to help. If you don't know what God has for you and you are looking to explore possible next steps, we are ready to listen and help you discern.