GoTEN is helping legally resettled refugees learn English, get jobs and experience Christian community.

We set up English Centers in refugee communities.

The English Center is the meeting place for refugees and volunteers. We use computers to teach English so you don’t need to be a good teacher, we need volunteers who know how to be a friend.

  • What is a refugee?

    A refugee is a person who has left their home country to escape war, natural disaster or because of a credible fear of persecution. Learn more about refugees at GoTEN’s Discovery Day.

  • Refugees have just a few months to become self-sufficient. Speaking English is a felt need and refugees are ready to learn. Come observe an English class close to you and see what you think.

  • Sit with an adult student while the computer teaches them English. Smile, be an encourager, and record their progress. Find a class near you and come try it out to see if its a good fit.