Her Story, My Story & God's Story

One of the most amazing things that happens when we call Jesus "Lord" Is that He takes away our sin and shame. Instead of justly condemning us, He forgives us and calls us to walk in the freedom from sin that He has provided.

Recently, one of my international friends was sharing with me that she feels ashamed of her sin. She said one of the hardest things for her is not knowing whether God will forgive her (Islam is a works-based religion), and she also wonders if others would forgive her if they knew her sin. Haven't we all felt that way?

I told her that I have also wondered whether God could forgive me for things I had done and I shared with her the story of the woman caught in adultery (John 8). I explained that others did not have the right to shame her because everyone has done wrong; nevertheless, they might still choose to shame her. Ultimately, what is most important is what Jesus says to her about her shame. This story became Good News. I explained how it is that we can call Jesus "Lord", like the woman in adultery, and can have our sin and shame wiped away. My friend listened intently and continued to describe how and why she feels so much shame.

People don't talk openly about shame. It takes time for people to trust us enough to welcome us into the vulnerable spaces in their lives. This conversation was evidence that God is doing something special.

Pray that the seed of God's Word would break through and produce fruit. Pray that this God story would bring peace and soften my friend's heart.