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Just Go


Short-term trips have long been popular in the missions world, yet it can be tricky for organizations to fill them. Trips offer a valuable experience, giving attendees an opportunity to witness life in a unique setting that is limited to a short term. Trips do not require long-term commitment, making them perfect for those not looking to settle in. There are many reasons to participate in a short-term trip, but a few minor barriers typically prevent people from exploring their options. However, these barriers are often easily overcome. Here, we’ll address some of those barriers as well as some reasons why you should consider exploring a trip with GoTEN. If you feel called, just go!

“They cost too much money.”

In a world where everything seems to cost more, stretching budgets to their limits, the price of a short-term trip is a quick disqualifier in the minds of many. However, finances  for a mission trip can be secured in ways that don’t place strain on the personal budget of the goer. Consider bringing others along in the journey by inviting them to support your mission by giving financially. Speaking about spreading the good news of the Lord, Romans 10:15 says “But how are they to preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of these who bring the good news of good things!’” God equips the church to send and support those who are willing to go. Our short-term support raising training can help get you started. 

“I’m not in the ‘missions’ field.”

Short-term trips are designed for everyone in the local church to gain access to kingdom work. Rest assured, God equips the obedient even if they feel unqualified. What’s more, God could be calling you deeper into the advancement of His kingdom without you even recognizing it. 

GoTEN founder and president Bobby Cox had no active plans to enter cross-cultural ministry before attending a short-term trip to a place he’d never heard of. During this experience, God gave him an unshakable passion for the unreached. A lengthy career has seen Bobby launch multiple outreaches in different parts of the world, but imagine how many lives would not have been impacted had he not been willing to explore God’s new call on his life that began with saying yes to a short-term trip. What might God be unexpectedly leading you into?

“Wouldn’t I just be in the way? I don’t want to disrupt the full-time team.”

Teams desire to host short-term trips and enjoy including trip goers in the daily rhythms of their ministry. The emotional and spiritual support offered by short-term visitors is very life-giving to long-term workers, so in many ways, short-term goers are actively serving global workers and keeping them in the field. 

“I’m not ready to leave the country, so how can I go on a mission trip?”

In addition to global trips, GoTEN also hosts short-term trips for groups that are interested in seeing and experiencing the ministry in Phoenix. No passports or international travel provisions are necessary for this trip, yet the highly diverse diaspora population in Phoenix will make the trip feel quite a bit like a global trip. GoTEN is already hosting church small groups and friend groups in Phoenix this year. Gather some friends and come experience what GoTEN is doing among the unreached in Phoenix!

Whatever journey you feel called to take, GoTEN can help you get there. If you feel called, just go!