A one-day mission experience where you don't need a passport!

Discovery Day

The best way to GET STARTED with GoTEN, is by attending our Discovery Day!!

Discovery Day is a full-day of cross-cultural experiences designed to help volunteers and donors better understand the ministry of GoTEN. The day is hosted at one of GoTEN's English centers and includes activities that speak to your head, heart, and hands. Learn the facts behind the refugee resettlement program including the vetting process, facts about refugees, and the expectations for refugees to acclimate quickly.

Just as we finish up with the "loss simulation," adult refugee students will begin reporting to English class where you will have the opportunity to meet a refugee learning English. You will be paired with an adult student where you will assist them with English lessons that are taught by the computer.

We will travel together to an Arabic market to experience different cultures, food, and people right in the heart of our city. We will eat lunch together (covered in the cost of your registration) and then return to the English Center for the closing part of the day. Specific Discovery Days in Phoenix will end at a different English Center allowing you to see other locations.

The afternoon includes an overview of "unreached people" and how through God's provision, He is bringing unreached people to our neighborhoods. We will conclude the day by inviting you to "test drive" one of the classes during the week to see if this could be a next step for you to engage missionally without leaving the state.