An orientation to GoTEN and a serving experience among refugees

In the FirstServe experience, you will learn what's at the heart of GoTEN - recognizing that God controls the movements of all people. He has brought peoples from across the globe into our city, and with that, we see a unique & divine opportunity. We reach out to these unreached peoples by serving them, loving them, and speaking Truth. Let us show you what ministry to the unreached looks like as you learn and serve by sitting next to a legally resettled refugee in an ESL class setting.

FirstServe includes an overview of the demographic of refugees in our city and provides an opportunity for participants to meet and help a refugee who is learning English.  The experience starts at 8:30 am with coffee and a short training session to prepare for the class. Then you will meet & help a student in one of our English classes that is one hour & fifteen minutes long. After class, we will conclude with additional training and Q&A, finishing at 11:00am.


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