Engage in cross-cultural ministry, experience God’s leading for the future, and be mentored by experienced missionaries.

Immerse yourself in a cross-cultural environment in the United States or in Asia and allow God to continue to speak to you as you discern next steps for your future! Some of the best training often comes on the job. As an intern, you will experience the life of a missionary and receive practical training that will help you evaluate God's calling on your life while serivng unreached people.

While each GoTEN Team has unique ministry rhthyms, all teams focus on CONNECTING with unreached people, COMMUNICATING the gospel and INVITING the unreached into discipleship relationships.

Let GoTEN invest in your future.

  • Help serve refugees during classes they attend at the GoTEN Training Center.
  • Live among refugees in nearby apartments and visit the homes of your neighbors.
  • Train in cross-cultural ministry, including storytelling & Discovery Bible Study.
  • Be mentored by a practicing missionary working among refugees.

A relationship begins with a connection. We teach classes to refugees at the GoTEN Training Center (English, sewing, tutoring for kids, etc.) In this ministry context we serve and CONNECT to our refugee neighbors. While English is limited, refugees often communicate their burdens and joys as we visit their homes. It is during these visits that we seek to COMMUNICATE stories of hope from our own lives and God's Word. In the home, a true friendship can begin. As we share life with our neighbors (visiting their homes and they ours) we begin to DISCIPLE our neighbors with the Truth from God's Word.

Dates & Costs

The 8-week internship costs $3000 per person and includes housing, meals, and training materials. (Internship without housing and meals is $500 per person.)

  • Summer '24 Jun 3 - Jul 25, 2024 | App Deadline May 3, 2024
  • Fall '24 Sep 6 - Nov 1, 2024 | App Deadline Jul 6, 2024
  • Spring '25 Jan 31 - Mar 28, 2025 | App Deadline Nov 31, 2024
  • Summer '25 May 30 - Jul 26, 2025 | App Deadline Mar 30, 2025

Are you interested in learning about and serving refugees? Are you interested in being trained in cross-cultural ministry and being equipped with practical tools to help you engage in missions? Would you like to be mentored by experienced missionaries living among refugees? Consider an internship with GoTEN. Apply now for an upcoming term.