Pre-field Missionary Training

Get pre-field missionary training while you serve.

Missionary Training Program

We provide cross-cultural training for missionaries.

The GoTEN Development Program is designed to equip cross-cultural workers with the skills and experience they need to be successful in making disciples in a cross-cultural setting.. Through a combination of class sessions, peer accountability, practical experience, and career coaching, participants will be prepared to join a missionary team serving locally or globally. Joining a team full-time is not required for training but it is the focus of our development program.

GoTEN Missionary Training

Practice what your learn in the classroom on the field... before you go!

GoTEN English Class

Since 1980, Arizona has resettled 90,000 refugees. Just over 80% of these refugees have come from unreached nations such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Myanmar, and Syria. GoTEN's refugee programs serve people from these countries. GoTEN provides a ministry context where you can meet internationals quickly and practice what you learn.

  • Participate

    Trainees will participate in GoTEN ministry programs in Phoenix for the purpose of building relationships with internationals. Relationships built during programs will provide a context to apply missional training.

  • Trainees will live in community with internationals, meet regularly with a ministry mentor, and engage in online and in-person learning environments with GoTEN staff.

  • Training programs and length can be customized to accommodate needs and expectations. Opportunities to learn a foreign language, build a ministry team, or implement disciple making strategies can be tailored to the program.

Next Step

Are you ready to explore on the job training in cross-cultural ministry? Send us a quick message and our mobilizer will reach out with more information regarding the next available session.