Refugee Sewing Class

Join us as we serve refugee women in Phoenix, AZ.

GoTEN in partnership with Loving Covers is offering a sewing class for refugee women in Phoenix, AZ. The class will be taught by an instructor from Loving Covers and assisted by volunteers from the community.

The students will learn to make 3-4 different items that will be sold on a GoTEN owned website - The handmade refugee items will make great Christmas gifts and will provide income for refugee women who often don't work. The goal of the class is to help women connect in new friendships around a sewing machine and learn a new skill that could provide income for struggling families.

While the class will be led by an instructor, we are looking for women in the community who like to sew. We would like to have a 1:1 ratio between student and volunteer helper. Volunteers will assist refugee women as they learn. Sewing machines were provided by Desert View Bible Church.

Sign up below to volunteer on one of the volunteer days. Classes will be held at our Central Site on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30am - 12:30pm. The class will begin on June 2 and conclude on June 30.

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