Start Sponsoring a Refugee Today!

Your tax-deductible contribution of just $50 a month connects a legally resettled refugee in the United States with a Development Program led by Christian leaders and volunteers.

Your support provides:

  • English language classes
  • Citizenship classes
  • Assistance with job acquisition
  • Christian community
  • Benevolence
  • Mentoring to help navigate the American system such as paying taxes, getting a drivers’ license, and finding a place to live.
  • Most important of all, they will experience the Christian community of volunteers and staff.

When you sponsor a refugee, you’ll receive a photo, personal story and a sponsorship packet.

By sponsoring a refugee, you will feel proud to be part of the solution that is empowering the most vulnerable people in our world today.

Help refugees like Bauduim experience Christian community while he learns English and adapts to a new culture in the United States.

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