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A Mile in His Shoes

GoTEN Staff


Have you ever heard the saying that before judging someone, one should first walk a mile in his shoes? So much of life is about perspective and understanding the backgrounds of people that we engage with. When many refugees arrive in the United States, they feel as though few people they meet have "walked a mile in their shoes". Meet Tin Oo. We are happy to share that Tin Oo became a U.S. citizen in late March of 2022. After arrival in Phoenix, Tin Oo and his family were able to connect with Silas, a GoTEN employee and former refugee from Myanmar. Who better to help Tin Oo and his family acclimate and eventually gain citizenship in their new home than someone that understands the journey? Thanks in part to their friendship with Silas and the help he has been able to provide, Tin Oo spent the past 7 months studying for his civics test and was able to accomplish something many refugees consider to be one of the greatest honors available to them: becoming American citizens. Tin Oo, his wife, and his two children have great hopes for their futures in America. For Silas, teaching citizenship and English provides him numerous opportunities to share scriptural stories of hope with Tin Oo, his family, and other families in similar situations. We are so grateful for our new friends arriving from all over the world, and hope to continue to put people like Silas in place to walk with those new friends as they strive to reach their goals.