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Thanksgiving in Dallas

GoTEN Staff


In November, the GoTEN Dallas team was able to host a Thanksgiving party for its students, volunteers, and their families at its English classroom. The party was organized and hosted by new team member Jacqueline, and was a great opportunity for students and volunteers that hadn't previously met to connect. As many apartment complex gatherings do, the Thanksgiving party quickly attracted the attention of local kids playing near the classroom. As parents sat around the room visiting, they also watched their children file through the Thanksgiving buffet, many of them trying foods they had never tasted before. After the kids had eaten, they resumed playing and the adults were able to share their stories and better get to know each other. The experience was great for all, and one student summed it up perfectly. As he rose to refill his plate, he said to his friend, “Not every day is a party. Tonight we must enjoy the time with our friends!” It is a true privilege to have the opportunity to be a refugee's first American friend.