Meet Zach and Sarah Shilling

GoTEN Staff


Zach and Sarah are an amazing young couple that volunteer their time twice a week teaching English classes, and most recently in addition to giving their time, they also decided to become monthly site sponsors with GoTEN. Zach and Sarah grew up in Southern California and have known each other since 5th grade. They have lived in Arizona for the past two years. Zach graduated from Grand Canyon University last December and Sarah is currently attending the Education Program at GCU. A year ago, following a call to get involved in ministry, they began volunteering in English classes at GoTEN.

Their hospitality and generosity have been a true blessing to many students. A perfect example is the wonderful friendship they have established with Karim and Fawzia, a couple from Afghanistan who came to the United States two years ago through the SIV (Special Immigrant Visas) program. Karim was a driver and his wife Fawzia was a cleaner in the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

The friendship between Zach, Sarah, Karim, and Fawzia has grown beyond English class. When Fawzia broke her arm at work, Sarah and Zach went to visit her and brought her some baked goods to enjoy. During the past year, the friendship has continued to flourish.

Sarah said that volunteering with GoTEN has provided a wonderful cross-cultural experience, allowing her to break previous misconceptions about immigrants and people of different cultures. Zach said that volunteering has provided him an opportunity to become aware of the diversity of cultures and religions of his students.

One of the things that Zach and Sarah would like to see expand at the sites is new opportunities for conversation and community interaction with the students. GoTEN sites provide the starting place to gather and meet, but relationships and a community of support can only be established with the support and participation of volunteers like Zach and Sarah. It is our prayer that the hearts of other potential volunteers can be touched so that they will have the desire to join in the ministry with GoTEN.

Find a day, location, and time that works for you and come volunteer with us.