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Happening Today: Global Prayer for the Rohingya

GoTEN Staff

As mentioned in our previous issue about the day that the Rohingya people of Myanmar refer to as “Black Friday”, the harshly persecuted people group continues to face trials. The events that occurred in 2017, among others, led to the separation of countless families during the mass dispersement of the Rohingya. While some have been resettled in U.S. cities like Phoenix and Dallas, over 1 million Rohingya remain spread out across the world. What many of them want is exactly what many of us would want: to be home. Unfortunately, the recent coup in Myanmar has led to further instability, a halt of any possible repatriation talks that may have been on the table for the Rohingya, and reinforced pain and feelings of hopelessness.

For these reasons, we continue to remember and pray for the Rohingya. October 2nd has been designated a day of international prayer for the people group. Please consider spending some time today asking God to bless the Rohingya as they make homes in exile, to bring peace to the Rakhine State, and to reveal His kingdom of heaven as their ultimate eternal home. A detailed prayer guide may be found and downloaded here.