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A Christmas Story: Jesus, The Refugee Kid


As we approach the Christmas season, we are reminded that the holiday is built around celebrating the birth of Jesus. There is also another component to that story, which occurred shortly after Jesus’ birth, that is worth remembering as well. To escape King Herod's wrath, Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt, where they lived as refugees for a few years. This means that Jesus, for the first few years of His life, was a refugee. Vulnerability and displacement are not uncommon for those who flee persecution, violence, or poverty. Jesus’ early years as a refugee kid, following His birth in a manger, are sometimes overlooked as part of His humble entrance into the world. This message resonates today, as millions of men, women and children worldwide are forced to leave their home countries in search of safety and security, living in uncertainty and vulnerability just like Mary, Joseph and Jesus did. 

The Bible instructs us to care for those in need, including refugees. By becoming a refugee himself, Jesus brings to light the importance of compassion and mercy towards those who find themselves in similar situations. Being a refugee is not a choice, but a challenging reality that can only be eased by compassion and generosity. We have been called to love our neighbors as ourselves, regardless of their race, religion, or ethnicity, and that includes refugees.

No person can be compared to Jesus. He is completely unique, sovereign, and holy. It is thought-provoking, however, to wonder what God may have in store for refugee kids that are on the move today. Could kids originating from nations completely unreached by the gospel, now growing up in Christian community, emerge as key leaders in the effort to reach their people? God had a plan for Jesus, as He has a plan for everything. What could He do with the lives of these refugee kids? GoTEN cares deeply about refugee kids in the Phoenix community and is actively engaging local families through its kids ministry. Volunteers are always needed and welcome!

As we celebrate Christmas, let’s remember that the story of Jesus is also a story about refugees, and a reminder that we must stand in solidarity with those who find themselves displaced, vulnerable and oppressed. May we be a voice for the voiceless, and may our hearts be filled with compassion towards those in need, just as Jesus showed us through his own love and sacrifice.