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Three Ways to Pray: Myanmar


Myanmar is a predominantly Buddhist country, with only a small percentage of the population being Christian. It is estimated that as much as 95% of the country practices Buddhism, and at less than 2% Christian, it is considered an unreached country. As Christians, we have a responsibility to pray for unreached people groups and ask God to make the way for the gospel to be shared with them. Here are three ways we can pray specifically for unreached people groups in Myanmar:

1. Pray for Peaceful Resolution and Justice:

Begin by praying for a peaceful and just resolution to the political unrest and conflicts in Myanmar, a country plagued by civil unrest for decades. Ask God to intervene and bring about a peaceful transition into a government that upholds justice, equality, and human rights. Pray for the leaders, that their decisions may be guided by wisdom, compassion, and a desire for peace. Lift up the Burmese people, asking for protection, strength, and hope amidst the turmoil.

2. Pray for the Protection of Christians and Religious Freedom:

Burmese Christians, along with other religious minorities, often face challenges and persecution. Pray for the protection of Christians in Myanmar, asking God to shield them from harm and provide them with courage and resilience. Pray that their faith may remain steadfast and that their witness may shine brightly, even in the midst of adversity. Additionally, intercede for the preservation of religious freedom in Myanmar, praying that all individuals may freely practice their faith without fear or discrimination.

3. Pray for Healing, Restoration, and Reconciliation:

The deep wounds and divisions caused by conflicts and discrimination in Myanmar require healing and reconciliation. Pray for healing – physical, emotional, and spiritual – for all those affected by violence and displacement. Ask God to bring comfort, restoration, and hope to their lives. Pray for reconciliation and unity among different ethnic and religious communities, that love, understanding, and forgiveness may replace hatred and animosity. Petition God to use Christians as instruments of peace and reconciliation, bringing about transformation in the nation.