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From Refugee to Essential Employee


Society is changing every day, and one particular arena in which this is increasingly evident is the job economy. Markets of all kinds are facing labor shortages, and the solution seems consistently evasive. Can the next generation of young adults be relied on solely to fill a very large number of job openings? 

According to M. Ray Perryman, a market analyst who released an article on labor shortages recently, the United States currently lacks 1.6 million health care and social assistance workers and an additional 1.3 million people working in food and accommodation services. The need doesn't stop with those two industries, but 2.9 million is a daunting enough number to chew on for a while. Facing shortages such as these, employers in the U.S. are having to think outside the box to fill their jobs. Foreign-born workers, specifically refugees, are proving to be an extremely viable solution to the growing issue. Per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 18% of people working in America today were born elsewhere. That number continues to grow. Many refugees resettled in the United States bring valuable, easily-applicable job skills and are more than capable of exceeding expectations. Often, their work ethic is second to none.

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