Speaking Volumes

I was on my way to see a Rohingya friend who I try to visit every week. As I approached her house, I saw that two of my other Rohingya friends were also there. They excitedly told me they were going to another friend's house for a party. Without skipping a beat, they asked me to go with them. Sporadic invitations like these aren’t uncommon with our refugee friends, so I decided to join them. Before I knew it, I was walking with my friends to a neighboring apartment complex and ended up in a home with five Rohingya women and all their children. It was honestly the best! I loved the opportunity to see my Rohingya friends together as a group.

After a while, it hit me that I was in a room where I had no idea what was being said because they were all speaking their native language of Rohingya. That made it really difficult to contribute anything to the conversations these women were having! I could've easily felt discouraged, but one of my Rohingya friends kept comforting me. She held my hand and occasionally turned to me, saying, “I’m sorry. We are talking Rohingya, and you don't understand.” I smiled at her and genuinely said, “It’s okay. I love being here with all of you.” At that moment, I realized that even though I don't speak or understand Rohingya, my friends still wanted me to be with them.

The simple act of being together spoke volumes to them, even though I couldn’t say a word. I was reminded that being present and staying engaged with what was happening in the room was a significant way to reflect Jesus’ love to these women. I'll keep showing up and engaging with the people Jesus places in my path because there's a 110% chance that He's doing something behind the scenes with that.