The God Who Sees Me

"When you need help, who do you ask?”

Nur looked down, thinking about my question. She looked back up at me to answer. "I just cry," she told me. I shared with her the story of Hagar from the Bible - a woman who had been treated poorly, who felt misunderstood, hopeless, and desperate. Hagar was a woman who needed help, and God met her and gave her exactly what she needed. People are not interested in "another" religion, but they are interested in transformation.

As a Rohingya woman, Nur has experienced much mistreatment and hopelessness in her life. She listened intently through the whole story, nodding along as the pain of Hagar mirrored her own pain. Through the story of Hagar, I was able to share how God sees us and hears our cries of distress.

I’ve been deeply grateful for my friendship with Nur. I’ve been going to her home twice a week for the past six months to help her practice English and study for her citizenship test. Her English level is high enough for us to have simple conversations, and I always look forward to going to her home and chatting over a cup of incredibly sweet Nescafé and noodles.

Please pray for Nur. Pray for the story of Hagar and other stories that I’ve shared with her to come to her mind often and to take root in her heart. Pray also for our friendship to grow in ways that bless her, her family, and her community.