We live in stories. Stories are the language of our world. We enter stories and make them part of our own experience.

Speaking Volumes

I was on my way to see a Rohingya friend who I try to visit every week. As I approached her house, I saw that two of my other Rohingya friends were

Open Doors

"What do you think about the Rohingya crisis?"
Ye Ye looked at us, waiting for an answer. W

School Shoes

What if these were the shoes your 5th grader had to start school? 

Yesterday we saw these two slippers outside ou

Facts About Refugees

Never before has the world witnessed such a dramatic scale of human suffering. Today, 65 million people—24 per minute—are displaced wor

A Church Was Born

On a recent rip to Myanmar, our team of four (2 Americans, 1 Burmese translator, and 1 Burmese church planter) took a car 20 minutes out of the cit