We live in stories. Stories are the language of our world. We enter stories and make them part of our own experience.

Myanmar Relief

Help provide immediate relief to GoTEN missionaries and the people they serve in Myanmar.

You can help provide clothes, temporary shelter

Kids Ministry

Beginning on Monday, June 7, GoTEN will host a summer program for refugee kids living at Canyon Pointe Apartments. The program runs Monday, Wednesd

Sewing Class

The students will learn to make 3-4 different items that will be sold on a GoTEN owned website - The handmade refugee items will m

Generation 1.5 Immigrants

A Generation 1.5 Immigrant is a term that describes young people who arrived in the U.S. as children and adolescents. Unlike their first-generation

The God Who Sees Me

"When you need help, who do you ask?”

Nur looked down, thinking about my question. She looked back up at me to answer. "I just cry,"

Highway In the Desert

“The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom.” I grew up on the desert plains of a West African count

Lord, Let Them Ask

“Lord, let them ask.” That was my prayer for a Syrian family that my ministry partner and I were about to visit. Every time we visit, we sit toget


After Jesus appointed 72 disciples, he sent them two by two to every town where he would soon visit. Before he sent them out, he told them, "The harve

Speaking Volumes

I was on my way to see a Rohingya friend who I try to visit every week. As I approached her house, I saw that two of my other Rohingya friends were

School Shoes

What if these were the shoes your 5th grader had to start school? 

Yesterday we saw these two slippers outside ou

Facts About Refugees

Never before has the world witnessed such a dramatic scale of human suffering. Today, 65 million people—24 per minute—are displaced wor